Donovan's Brain

Release Date: September 30, 1953
Starring Lew Ayres as Dr. Patrick J. Cory
Gene Evans as Dr. Frank Schratt
Nancy Davis as Janice Cory
Music: Eddie Dunstedter
Cinematography: Joseph F. Biroc
Editor: Herbert L. Strock
Distributor: United Artists
Director: Felix E. Feist
Producers: Allan Dowling, Tom Gries
Adaptation: Hugh Brook
Screenplay: Felix E. Feist
Time: BW 83 mins.

Donovan's Brain is not available on DVD.

Interesting Tidbits

Nancy Davis who plays Janice Cory is the future first lady of the United States - Nancy Reagan. Donovan's Brain is based on the 1942 horror of the same name written by Curt Siodmak.

The Plot

Lew Ayres is a doctor and research scientist who experiments with monkey brains, keeping them alive in a tank of liquid nutrients after they've been surgically removed from the body. When the private plane of an infamous tycoon crashes in the desert nearby, Ayres is called to the scene to render medical assistance, but the tycoon is dead. Ayres decides to use the brain as part of his experiments, removing it from the body and placing in a nutrient-filled tank. The brain lives, and Ayres attempts to communicate with it by telepathy.

The ruthless, strong-willed tycoon begins to take control of Ayres and reestablish control of his financial empire. Nancy Davis is Ayre's supportive wife. Gene Evans is his alcoholic friend and medical colleague.