The Brain From Planet Arous

Release Date: October 1, 1957
Starring: John Agar as Steve March
Joyce Meadows as Sally Fallon
Robert Fuller as Dan Murphy
Producer, Cinematographer: Jacques R. Marquette
Director: Nathan H. Juran
Writer: Ray Buffum
Music: Walter Greene
Distributor: Howco International
Time: BW 71 mins. (1.85:1 WS)
Budget: $58,000 (est.)

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Interesting Tidbits

John Agar wore special contact lenses lined with metal foil. The lenses were painful to wear.

The Plot

An outer-space terrorist from a planet named Arous - a brain-shaped creature named Gor - arrives on Earth and possesses young scientist Steve March. Gor then proceeds to use his vast, destructive powers to bend the world to his will, threatening to wipe out the capital city of any nation that defies him.

Meanwhile, another brain from Arous - named Vol - arrives on Earth and eventually inhabits the body of March's fiancee's dog. Vol explains that Gor is a wanted criminal on their world. Gor's only weakness is the Fissure of Rolando and he is only vulnerable during one brief period when he needs to exit his host to absorb oxygen.